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Navire Logistics offers both unmatched dependability and flexibility with our customized over-the-road trucking solutions.

Navire Logistics offers a complete suite of supply chain solutions that support your business in developing a competitive advance through improving the flow and management of your product. Our supply chain teams work with you to understand the business challenges you face, and develop practical and effective options to overcome these, and drive your business forward.

Supply Chain Management and Solutions Engineering products best illustrate our culture of delivering continual improvement and competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Management provides continual improvement and competitive advantage at a tactical level, whereas Solutions Engineering identifies and builds strategic advantage.

Supply Chain Management

In summary, our Supply Chain Management team can add value in a number of ways, such as reducing operating expense, while meeting your service level. They can strengthen working capital, balance inventory against forecast demand and help lower total landed costs by optimizing routes, carrier rates and tariffs.